Mesh banners are perfect for situations where the wind is high, and banners need to last outside. The small perforations in these banners allows far more resistance in the wind, so they make ideal banners for scaffolding or on fences. Banner-Tek have been producing brilliant, vibrant banners for customers large and small for over 15 years. We offer a fast, highly cost effective service for PVC banners, mesh banners, roller banners and more. Call us now to see how fast we can deliver your banners.

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These mesh banners are very popular with builders and scaffolders – because they can be easily fixed to scaffolding, and allow the wind to travel through their perforated holes, they can last far longer than solid banners. We recently invested in yet another large format printed, meaning we can print mesh banners far quicker and at an even higher quality. But the prices of our banners hasn’t changed, meaning we offer incredible value for money.

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